In college, I started to work at the Recreation Center on campus during my junior year. I had just finished a challenging international tax strategy internship at Deloitte and my mind was mush. Instead of getting another high paying internship, I decided to get a “fun job” at the university fitness center making minimum wage (back then it was like 5.25/hr or something in Ohio). I had always loved working out but it wasn’t until I met a group of guys that competed in bodybuilding shows that I took a deeper interest.

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He eats six or seven meals a day, consuming five to six pounds of rich proteins, like filet mignon, chicken, turkey, salmon and tilapia. It raised the question about performance-enhancing drugs. Their murky role in bodybuilding has long shrouded the sport. (“There’s no planes that week,” he said. “And no judgment at home.”) The slightest change in a muscle, just a stripe in a striation, is noticed.